The Authentic Legacy Strategy

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Throughout our life, we face realities and challenges that are solved according to our experiences and knowledge. Most of our decisions respond to an internal automatic pattern of thoughts and beliefs that, in the majority, are not contrasted thorough an objective evaluation of the new reality.

This automatic process makes us live with the focus our context; the external (society, market, trends …), ignoring to connect with our values, our goals and our dreams.

The importance of living with an authentic legacy strategy responds to the decision to live according to our values, strengths and objectives, with the vision of having a future with a greater sense that would allow us to live in a more balanced and productive way.

The strategy of living an Authentic Legacy is to build a process that optimizes our resources today, our mission, in fulfilment of our future objectives, our Vision.

“Long-term planning is not thinking about future decisions, but about the future of present decisions” (Futuring Strategic Methodology)

Benefits of a Strategic Legacy Plan:

Strategic Legacy Planning improves our motivation and allows us to anticipate more effectively in the management of the uncertainty, resolution of our concerns and achievement of our goals.

The process of the strategic approach into the creation of added value:

What are my life goals?

What are the determining and fundamental aspects to achieve these objectives?

What are the factors that impact on the performance of these results?

1 | Analysis of the situation

2 | Diagnosis of the present circumstances

3 | Statement of personal and professional goals

4 | Personal and professional strategies

5 | Action plan

6 | Tracing

7 | Evaluation

8 | Clarification of the Strategy

9 | Alignment with the Strategy

10 | Identification of possible obstacles to determine and reach solutions and improvements

The strategic alignment help us gain internal commitment, enthusiasm and motivation.


The Simplicity of creating a Legacy Strategy; “Everything should be done as simple as possible, but not the simplest” Albert Einstein

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