What Is Live Your Legacy


Live your Legacy offers customized portfolio of projects, aiming to build realities with greater coherence and meaning, inspired by values, culture and leadership to serve as a source of reference and inspiration.

Live your Legacy helps start-ups and organizations within the thrird sector in their journey to create, design, transmit and influence the best version of themselves through a unique legacy.

Live your Legacy unites values, experience, knowledge, learning and the value of essence and purpose.


About Me

I am Lydia Gonzalez Otero,  specialist in coaching people, teams and organizations in the creation and implementation of strategies, helping them live with greater impact and purpose according to their values, experiences, knowledge and goals.

Since I was young, my great passion has been to contribute to build a more positive, vital and sensitive world. My enthusiasm for personal, emotional and human development has been an essential motivation to lead my processes of self-improvement, development and goals achievement.

I´ve had excellent opportunities to  free up barriers and lead change processes with enthusiasm, determination and perspective. All of this has made me live to my fullest potential, with a positive and challenging philosophy with the world and an implicit focus towards continuous learning, self-knowledge, emotional- mental self-management and effective management of relationships, processes of change and achievement of goals.

With a clear focus for constant improvement, my academic-professional background has been developed in international projects in Europe, having the opportunity not only to gain knowledge and capabilities, but also to work with leaders from different countries, personalities and cultures, be open to challenge myself and apply experiences, knowledge and growth in my personal and professional relationships.

I have been able to lead projects working as a “Trusted Advisor” for executives and CEOs in the management for improvement of human relations, cultural efficiency, personal development and leadership, internal communication and human commitment.

It is now the finest opportunity  to enrich my professional life as an entrepreneur, conceiving “Live your Legacy“, a project that promotes the emotional and inner transmission of values, ideas, experiences, knowledge and learning as essential tools to lead from the authenticity and humanity of people, teams and organizations, with tenacity, enthusiasm and success.

Creative, independent and a”free spirit”, I enjoy creating and sharing insights, designing synergies and writing on human development and leadership.

Internationally Published Author.

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