Culture & Values

The experience of building a unique identity and enhance your brand through the improvement of the ability to influence and impact others on your values

Live your Legacy  offers schemes in values, brand and influence management, enhancing congruence, balance and focus on what is most important to you.



Optimal Emotion-Mind Management

The opportunity to gain depth for an optimal emotional-mind intelligence to move forward with determination and success in the achievement of your goals.

Live your Legacy chairs schemes that embrace to achieve a unique value in your decision making processes and contribute to your personal and professional development.

Talent & Leadership

The challenge of enhancing your leadership to achieve a life with more sense, balance and enthusiasm.

Live your Legacy helps you build and live a unique legacy that gives meaning to your day serving as your best ally.


  • Lydia is a great professional, one whose heart and mind is at the service of the happiness of the people and the welfare of the companies. Working with her to enhance personal and organizational development is a guarantee of quality, commitment and responsibility. I am very happy to have met her because, in addition to being a great professional, she is a great person, a scarce and precious commodity in these convulsive and competitive times.

    Eva, Spain
    Eva, Spain
  • Lydia shines by her enthusiasm, energy and ability to motivate and engage a focus on creating solutions which optimize communication skills and the ability to influence our partners and collaborators. I greatly value her positivity, honesty and authenticity.

    James, Malta
  • The coaching process with Lydia has been extraordinary. Her empathy, warmth and enthusiasm have been a source of inspiration to reach strategic and operational solutions with a very positive impact on my team.

    Andrew, UK

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